Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online

Silence (Nishabdham) Review in English

Welcome back to the website and in today's post, we're going to be watching Nishabdham. I hope that I pronounced that right. official trailer Telugu. now I don't exactly know if it's a Tamil movie or a Telugu movie but there were trailers in Telugu and Tamil. now since I don't know both of them I just clicked on Telugu. 

I'm here to do a trailer reaction to a film called silence starring R. Madhavan and Anushka Shetty. if you're new to poor desi reviews, I do film reviews and trailer reactions of Indian cinema. okay, this film uh called silence in the tunnel version Nishabdhambdham, in the Telugu is directed by Hemant Madhukar. and it's some sort of thriller I am so intrigued by the combination of R. Madhavan and Anushka Shetty.

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yes, that is awesome just by itself, but there's more it also has Hollywood actor Michael Madsen. otherwise known as Mr blonde from Quentin Tarantino's reserved dogs like, what I can't even imagine. okay, so the film was simultaneously filmed in Tamil and Telugu.

I'm going to watch the Tamil trailer and but it's also the trailer was released in Telugu as well. So, this film was supposed to come out. I think it was supposed to come out in January. then it was delayed to April. and then the virus happened right, so now it's coming straight to amazon video October 2nd.

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and I'm super excited about it this combination of people, like what all right so without further ado. I need to see what this is all about. let's go we got our creepy music already on. a Josephine wood painting in the haunted house, oh haunted house, oh man of mine is a musician that's cool. is my best friend.

. my name is Richard Dawkins what happened in that house isn't that terrific a mute for a witness, have you ever seen a ghost? yeah it's my ex-wife, there's something wrong somewhere . . Michael Madsen is known for playing gangster type roles in Hollywood. so it's interesting he's actually playing kind of a detective, but a smarmy kind of a detective, wow. Love

Silence (Nishabdham) full movie download tamilrockers

R. Madhavan as this classical musician uh loved that there is a romance connection of some sort between him and Anushka Shetty. totally surprised that Anushka's character is mute. I don't know if she's also deaf probably. because we see one scene where she is touching his cello, while he's playing so that she can feel the vibrations.

there seem to be multiple layers of thriller on this so part of it, is we're getting scares from a haunted house kind of a thing. right and then there's also some sort of mystery with the missing friend. or some mystery with this friend of Anushka's. so there are multiple things going on a lot of those quick cut. you know, scary music.

Silence (Nishabdham) movie watch online

I don't remember what the muse of the classical piece is. I think it might be Beethoven. um, that is playing in the first part of the trailer, but it kind of it's just this sombre music. that kind of set the tone and then the music really uh changed in the second half the trailer. and we had a lot of those you know kind of screeching violins and the typical kind of scary music.

okay, I hope this is awesome, because wow what a combination of the cast. I'm not sure which language should I watch. this is what do you think. if Anushka is the one that's mute. then maybe I should watch it in Tamil, instead of Telugu.

Silence (Nishabdham) full movie free download

um, I don't know, if R. Madhavan is proficient in Telugu. if he is dubbing himself and you know if they're you know filmed the scenes twice so they were different languages. I don't know obviously Michael Madsen is just speaking English. so that doesn't matter anyway. let me know if you think it'll make any difference. which version I watch because I'm assuming they're going to release it simultaneously in all versions the.

subtitles seem pretty good, so I'm encouraged. uh since it's going straight they have so much time. it's going straight to Amazon, looks like it's also going to be released in Malayalam. maybe at the same time, you know this is exciting to have new content. we had a few weeks ago. and you know the situation must be uncertain on when theatres are going to open so it's exciting to have new content.

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Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online

and I love Anushka Shetty. she's done horror kind of films before, but this is a different kind of a role. I really liked her hair styling. and uh the whole thing so playing a mute character that speaks in sign language. and obviously, she has some sort of an app on her phone or something to speak for her. because we see at one point she's holding on her phone which then speaks.

so let me know what you thought about this trailer in the comments below I'm so excited about R. Madhavan. a new shedding it together. I cannot even tell you that's gonna be awesome.

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I don't know, I just clicked on it and there were two languages. I really don't get it so either way, I'm still going to read the subtitles. so we have our mother one. I only remember him from three idiots that's it. I haven't seen any other of his movies and it was pretty impressive in that movie.

Anushka Shetty, no I don't think I know about her. I don't think I watched, I knew Anushka Sharma. yeah I was confused and then there was Rohit shitty, so it kind of confused me. so, Anushka Shetty, I've never heard about her amazon original movie October 2nd.

Silence (Nishabdham) full movie download tamilyogi

if you've seen my previous videos, I told you that October is going to be the season of movies, tv shows, games. October is going to kick ass. believe me so without wasting any more time, we're going to be starting. but just before we start guys, don't forget to visit the website check out my blogs.

I ha
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this is a horror movie. I love horror movies. it's been a while since I've seen a good horror movie. he looks pretty old here our mother one. oh, that was the look sorry guys. so is it a horror movie or not my best friend? my name is Yashraj Ghosalkar what happened in that house.

isn't that terrific a mute for a witness. have you ever seen a ghost, yeah it's my ex-wife? okay, they got a good international star. here there's something wrong somewhere. it's not a spirited movie it's a murder movie, crime thriller. I'm sure about it.

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Telgu]

Nishabdhamm I think I'm going to do a movie review of this one. because I'm really interested in in the Tamil version, it's called silence.

it's just beside that Tamil version is silence. okay, so this is silence. you know what I really like about this trailer. number one in the beginning. they tried to show it off as a horror movie. then it shifted into a crime thriller, and then they got a really great English star in the movie as well.

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and here's the thing here's what I love. when uh different cinemas collaborate together and make projects I really like that. because it shows that cinema is one. that's why usually in my website you can see I do all types of I do Hollywood trailers. I do uh different uh Bollywood all for all our Indian content.

most looking forward to making I also do Chinese books. you see I try to bring the cinema together. because I think all cinema is one, after all, it's just movie-making. it's all about who makes a good movie. doesn't matter who exactly makes it, no it all matters making a good movie. so if they're making a good movie and they're collaborating with other people from other cinemas, that's really very very interesting to me.

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie On Amazon prime

that's one aspect of the movie. I love the second one there were some good jokes by that guy and it looks like. it's a very serious crime thriller you know like myster.y and last time I saw this was a Marietta movie called to see you soon studying for hot fast .and that was also a very good suspense thriller movie.

i think this can also be like that and I will. I'll be really interested with this uh movie. I really think so because I'm gonna watch this movie on 2nd October.

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio Watch Online

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online

After a long wait, R Madhavan and Anushka Shetty starrer Nishabdham was released on Amazon Prime today. The film has received a mixed response from the audience. Directed by Hemant Madhukar, the film is produced by Kona Venkat. 

After the film got released on OTT platforms, it received mixed reviews from the audience. While some lauded the nail-biting screenplay, others have opinioned that the film did not meet with their expectations. However, Nishabdham is one of the top trends on the microblogging website.

Silence (Nishabdham) tamilrockers

Titled Silence in Malayalam and Tamil, the film’s release was made to mark Gandhi Jayanthi. Nishabdham is one of the much-awaited films of the year. The film is a suspense thriller that is about a speech and hearing impaired artist, her celebrity-musician husband, and the strange disappearance of her best friend. 

The gripping suspense thriller stars Anushka Shetty, R Madhavan and Anjali in the lead roles along with Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju and Srinivas Avasarala essaying pivotal roles.

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Talking about the film, Anishka Shetty said that her role in the film is that of a character that pushed her out of her comfort zone, and she was glad it came that way. About working with Madhavan, she said it was nice to work with him again and that she has always been an admirer of his work.

 On the other hand, R Madhavan said that he enjoys watching and being a part of thriller films. He assured that Nishabdham is definitely one of the most intriguing movies that he has been associated with.

Silence (Nishabdham) full movie online watch

M Suganth, Updated: Oct 2, 2020, 01.32 AM ISTCritic's Rating: 2.0/5 Silence Movie Review: Anthony Gonsalves (Madhavan), a celebrated cellist, and his fiancée Sakshi (Anushka Shetty), a speech-and-hearing challenged artist, go to a house that is believed to be haunted — one where a young couple were mysteriously killed in 1972 (the film opens with a prologue involving their murders) — so that she can pick up a rare painting. But Anthony ends up being killed — in the same manner as the guy in 1972 — while an injured Sakshi, who has managed to flee the place, is hospitalised.

Enters Seattle PD detective Maha (Anjali) and her superior Richard (Michael Madsen). As they investigate, they hit a wall as Anthony seems to have no foes. And then, Maha stumbles on a photo of the couple with Sonali (Shalini Pandey), Maha’s childhood friend, who has been missing even before Anthony’s murder. What’s the connection between her disappearance and this crime?

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Silence is meant to be a whodunit, but the moment you get the plot points, the film stops being one. The reason is that Hemant Madhukar's filmmaking relies on writing that is filled with expositions rather than heart-stopping revelations (Kona Venkat is the writer). Its twists and turns are not only predictable (one key revelation goes all the way up to Sigappu Rojakkal), but they unfold in a prosaic manner, hardly offering us the thrills we expect from this genre.

 the film doesn't even try to sustain the horror the angle from the beginning to keep us guessing about its secrets. Almost all the major developments are narrated via voiceovers, with the editor Prawin Pudi desperately trying to salvage the film by giving it a sense of momentum with an overkill of split-screens.

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The acting is uninspired all round. By now, it is a given that foreign actors in an Indian film equal to awkward performances, and even Michael Madsen (yes, he of Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill fame) gives the impression he took on the gig for some pocket change. That said, even the Indian actors here seem rather dull and uninterested.

 Anushka offers presence, but her characterisation is weak that we hardly connect to the character. Even the surprise of seeing Madhavan being cast against type wears off after a while, and maybe it could be the scruffy beard, but the actor does look weary. Shalini Pandey and Subbaraju are functional while Anjali tries to make the best of a weakly written role.

Silence (Nishabdham) full movie download isaimini

Add to these issues the fact that much of the film seems to have been shot in Telugu, despite the filmmakers publicising it as a Telugu-Tamil bilingual (the Telugu version is titled Nishabdham), the Tamil version resembles a dubbed film and a dreary one at that.

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Screenshots

Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online
Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online
Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online
Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online
Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online
Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online
Silence (Nishabdham) (2020) Full Movie in Dual Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telgu] Watch Online